Udaka Shanti Pooja

Udaka Shanti Pooja

The Udaka Shanti pooja is the ideal one to seek any auspicious results - be it any problem or stress at home, at work, health or financial.

The pooja is performed before major events like marriage, upanayanam, gruhapravesh, among others, for peace and harmony in life and in your household.

Udaka Shanti pooja is performed on auspicious occasions like a new birth in the family or when you wish to have shanty (peace) in the house. Recitation of 1441 lines over 3 hours is involved in this pooja. The pooja starts with a pooja to Ganpati (Ganesha). The holy water from the river Ganga is kept in a Kalasha and the holy gods are invited to take abode into the Kalasha. The mantras for the Udak Shanti pooja are recited to Agni and Vishnu. The two gods are requested to give blessings to all present so that people can live a happy and enlightened life.

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